January 30 2017

ELA: Vocab worksheet
Religion rm 14: Finish worksheet

January 31, 2017

Bring in canned good for prayer service
ELA: Compete the Example#1 worksheet for Persuasive Essay
SS: Write capitals for Kentucky, Louisiana, and Alabama 2x each in copybook

February 1, 2017 Gym Uniforms may be worn tomorrow

SS- Write capitals for TN, MS, AR
ELA: Complete persuasive worksheet #2e

February 7, 2017

Ela: Worksheet

Soc St: Label map of Midwest with States and Capitals

Religion: WS on Pope Pius

February 8, 2017

ELA: RNB 159. Vocab test on FRiday
Soc St- Write capitals for OH, WI, IN 3x each in SS copybook
Reminder: School Picture Day February 16th Students must wear uniform

February 13, 2017- Red shirts may be worn tomorrow OVER uniform

ELA: RNB page 160 Comprehension test Wed.
REL: Test Wednesday
Soc St. : Write capitals 3x each for Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota

February 22, 2017

ELA: Write sentnces vocab words 6-11 Test tomorrow
Soc St- Study first 6 states for test on Friday (Midwest)

February 23, 2017

ELA: Read chapter 7 in Hound Dog True, Complete Chapter Review WS, Vocabulary test signed
Soc St- Review notes & outline for test on Midwestern States tomorrow

February 27, Monday is a 1:00 Dismissal NO CARES

March 1, 2017

ELA: Finish RNB pages assigned in class
SS: Label blank Midwest map
REL: Work on Shamrock project

March 8, 2017
Room 16 bring in mirror or picture for art
ELA: write vocab words 1-5 with definition
SS- Write state and capital 2 x each for KS, MS, NE

March 9, 2017

ELA- Write definitions fr 6-10
Religion- Page 105 Just top

March 16, 2017
ELA: RNB 152 Work on Women History project due 3/24

March 17, 2017

Next week will be Terra Nova testing
Please make sure your child has 2 #2 pencils
Make sure they get plenty of rest the night prior

March 18, 2017

Please continue Terra Nova preparation
Report Cards are due back signed tomorrow-NO EXCEPTIONS

March 27, 2017

Soc St- Test tomorrow on Southwest states

March 28, 2017

ELA: RNB page 183
Religion: Finish gifts of holy spirit paper
This Friday, March 31 will be a sports dress over day. Students may wear a sports themed shirt and their gym pants. Kindly bring in $1 donation to help defray the cost of Spirit Day. Thank you in advance.

March 29, 2017

ELA: Blue Grammar book page 87
Soc. St. : Label Rocky Mnt map Test signed and returned on by Friday 3/31

March 30, 2017

Ela: Test on vocabulary words from lesson 13 Molly Pitcher
Soc.st: write states Idaho & Colorado three times each
1:00 dismissal tomorrow
$1 for dress over day with gym sweatpants

APRIL 3, 2017

ELA: Review comprehension questions for Molly Pitcher
Soc St: Write capitals for Utah and Montana 3x each

April 4, 2017

ELA: Get Comprehension test signed
Rel: Read page 112, do activity on page 113
Bring in dimes for dime race

April 10, 2017

SS- Page 66
ELA- RNB 187
Dime Race tomorrow! bring in those D-I-M-E-S!!!!!!!

APRIL 18, 2017

ELA: Test on Vocab on Thurs.
REL: Complete activity on page 115

APRIL 19, 2017

ELA: Study for vocab test
REL: Test ch 9 Friday. Page 118 Chapter Test

APRIL 24, 2017

ELA: get comp and vocab test signed
RNB page 202

SOCIAL STUDIES: page 74 (Rm 14 only). Both rooms get test signed

APRIL 25, 2017

ELA; RNB 219 Test tomorrow on Verb Tenses
SOC ST.- Write states and capitals for CA, OR, WA 3xeach

APRIL 27, 20162
ELA: Get grammar test signed. In class Fables due tomorrow.
Soc St.- Write states Hawaii, Alaska, and capitals 3 x each
Room 14 get tests signed. Corrections permitted. They MUST be handed in tomorrow

APRIL 28, 2016

Progress Reports Signed

MAY 1,2017

ELA: Vocabulary worksheet
SOC ST: Room 14 only. label map of pacific states

MAY 2, 2017

ELA: Test on vocab "LUNCH MONEY"
SocSt-rm16-label map with states and caps
rm 14- study caps flash cards

MAY 4, 2017- "May the fourth be with you"

ELA: Grammar book page 128- on loose leaf
SOC ST: Study for test on Pacific States

MAY 9, 2017

ELA: worksheet
SOC ST: wkbk pg 83
REL: Test Friday

MAY 11, 2017

ELA: write sentence for 6 vocab words on word web
REL: finish ch 25 take home. test on deacons, priests, bishops

May 15, 2017

ELA: complete adverbs worksheet. Vocab test on wednesday
REL: Room 14 only. Write 3 questions you in your cpbk about Holy Matrimony

May 17, 2017

ELA: RNB page 237 test friday adverbs and adjectives
SOC ST: study capital flash cards

MAY 22, 2017


All Homework in ELA, Religion, and Social Studies will mainly be studying. Just because it is not written, does not mean there is no homework.

May 30, 2017
REL- Study/Complete Review sheet
Soc St- Bring in pics for performance assessment brocure